Indonesian music is rich with history and culture. It is brings together the cultures from across the region and mixes it with the sounds of yesterday and today. When listening to modern musical performers from Indonesia, it is easy to pick up on this blending of time. For example, when listening to a ballad or slow song, you hear the incorporation of a gong and perhaps a wind chime or a barung. These instruments enhance the story’s impact and help to move the listener even more.

By mixing the sounds and beauty of the past with those of the present, Indonesian music truly stands alone. It is a distinctive sound that any true music lover can appreciate. Blending musically style is challenge to being with, but blending an old, almost ancient, style with that of a modern style is an art. It is not achieved easily.

One of the reason’s the musicians of Indonesia have been able to successfully blend the musical styling of the past with that of the present is because they honor their past, present and future.  They understand that do not have to retell a story to honor the past, they just have add a musical undertone from the past.

Adding this gentle undertone makes each ballad or slow song standout and make it a truly magical experience for the listener. Something that other musical styling have difficulty accomplishing.  By making music that is an experience for the listener, Indonesian musicians have created a following unlike any other. Their listeners want to hear and feel more. They welcome the feelings of saddens, happiness and love all invoked by listening to one song. Many people in the western world that listen Indonesian music do so because they want to experience music, not just listen to it.

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